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Anna Birch: The Adventurous Entrepreneur

There is a magic, an exhilaration, and a potent significance that comes from knowing you’ve made an impact in someone’s life. In 1997, Anna Birch and her husband, Austin, founded Adventure Links with a resolute passion that profound experiences can uncover courage, build community, and inspire connection. They now relish in their Adventure Links’ experiences and know, firsthand, the significance of building this community and family.

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I realized that a little piece of being hyper-involved in day to day was getting in the way not only of growth for the company but growth for leaders within the company… Now, I say to them, “I’m here to guide the vision and get obstacles out of the way that might get in the way of you doing your role and growing the company.”

– Anna Birch, 

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Joe Apfelbaum: Welcome to CEO Mojo, where we motivate business leaders to inspire the world with their stories. In our show, we talk about the ideas, stories, and lessons that motivate business executives. At CEO Mojo, you will get motivated. Whether you’re listening to CEO interviews or reading our blog, you can count on getting inspired, and maybe even learning something along the way. Remember, you can always tune in at I’m Joe Apfelbaum, CEO of Ajax Union, and today we are joined by someone very special, Anna Birch from Adventure Links. Anna, welcome to the program.

Anna Birch: Well, thank you Joe.

Joe Apfelbaum: Anna, you started off with the summer camp in 1997, and you bought the company. It was losing money at the time. You did it as a hobby. What happened?

Anna Birch: Well, we kind of thought we would run weekend programs, summer camps. One of our first [inaudible 00:01:00], we call it, was a request for proposal from Tony Robbins’ company. To be honest, I didn’t quite know who Tony Robbins was at that time. We won the contract back in ’98 and that really set us to get ourselves a little more seriously, and you know, start running youth programs in conjunction with his larger seminars, and really start to set us in our footprint in Northern Virginia and D.C., extending outside of summer, and working with schools, and corporate groups, and still keeping up with our summer. So, it turned into something bigger pretty quickly.

Joe Apfelbaum: Wow, so the company today, how many employees, how much revenue we get like that?

Anna Birch: Got it. We’re about eight full-time employees and then we’re very seasoned so we will . . . our summer is our busiest time so we’ll have about 40 employees in the summer.

Joe Apfelbaum: Wow.

Anna Birch: And then, we’re at about 1.5 million in revenue.

Joe Apfelbaum: Okay, so you have this company that you built over the years. You had interesting things that you went through, and over the last six years, you had this special thing that you unraveled yourself, some mantra to inspire. Tell us what you’re doing, and how what you’re doing for other companies, you’re doing for yourself as well.


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