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Don Winter: The Advertising Executive

Mr. Don Winter co-founded Encompass Media, Inc. in 2002 and serves as its Co-President and President of Partnership Development. Mr. Winter has more than 19 years experience in media and advertising. 

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A Quotable CEO Mojo Moment:

“It was a good lesson for us, an unfortunate one. What we learned is that we really need to stay with our core competency. That wound up being a really distraction for us. It distracted some of our salespeople. Even though we hire just a couple people in that area, it wound up being a distraction for the entire company. It was a lesson that was important for us to learn. This year, coming off that, the entire company is very focused in what we do, what we specialize in. With all the opportunities that come across our desk, we’re very reluctant to go in any direction that doesn’t stay on target, on focus, in terms of what we exactly do here.”

– Don Winter,

Read along with Don’s story! 

Joe Apfelbaum: Welcome to CEO Mojo where we motivate business leaders to inspire the world with their stories. I’m Joe Apfelbaum, CEO of Ajax Union and today we have a very special guest with us. His name is Don Winter and he is the President of EMG Media Inc. Don, welcome to the program.

Don Winter: Thank you so much for having me today. I really appreciate it.

Joe Apfelbaum: So Don, tell us a little bit about your company. You’re doing advertising, you’re working with Hertz, you’re working with a lot of other advertising companies. What do you currently do?

Don Winter: What we do is I guess you’d call it a non-traditional, out of home, media company. We have about twenty different media platforms, media opportunities for advertisers to engage, and engage with consumers. What that really means is, it’s not billboards, it’s not TV, it’s not print, it’s not radio. It’s out of home media. What we really try to do is break through that clutter. In many cases, get it into somebody’s hands or get into an environment where we could really make somewhat of a difference.

As examples, you mentioned Hertz in the intro. With Hertz, we have an opportunity where customers are able to reach the Hertz consumer by advertising on their hang tags, picker jackets, through sampling, through their digital screens, and a lot of clients find that to be a relevant audience for them. What we try to seek out is to, depending on what client or what customer a company is looking to attract, we try to find, or have a media opportunity that is relevant for their needs. When it comes to Hertz, American Express is an advertiser, Delta is an advertiser, a lot of Fortune 500 companies try to reach the business traveler, wind up utilizing that media to try to engage that customer. We do advertising on pizza boxes, coffee sleeves, and once again about twenty different media opportunities.


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