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Jeremy Pound: Saying Yes to Saying No

Jeremy Pound is the CEO of Juicy Results, an Internet marketing agency based in Boca Raton, FL. He writes and speaks about how businesses can best take advantage of the web and is the author of The Bootstrapper’s Guide to SEO and host of the New Customer Machine podcast. Learn more about Jeremy at In this podcast, Jeremy shares his insight including discovering saying yes to saying no.


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A quotable CEO Mojo Moment:

“I think it’s hard to say ‘no’ to anything as an entrepreneur but it’s really hard to say ‘no’ when there’s money attached to it as well….I learned the hard way…I left a lot of accomplishment on the table in my twenties because I said yes to everything…It’s like having fifty half dug wells. It’s zero value to you to have fifty half dug wells when the guy next door or across the street dug one well to all the oil and is pumping it out every single day”

  • Jeremy Pound,


Bert Rosenblatt: Overcoming Through Mindset

Bert Rosenblatt, along with fellow Founding Principal Andrew Stein, formed Vicus Partners. He specializes in strategic planning and implementation and has completed leasing transactions totaling more than 1,200,000 square feet with an aggregate commitment of over $600,000,000. He is a graduate of the State University of New York at Purchase and is currently a member of the Board of Trustees of Leadership Enterprise For A Diverse America (LEDA) as well as a member of The Brooklyn Entrepreneurs Organization, The Inc. 5000 Business Owners Council, The Real Estate Board of New York, the Young Men’s/Women’s Real Estate Association & The International Tenant Representative Alliance. Bert talks to us about how to utilize and practice motivation when you’re faced with business and personal challenges.


Listen to the full interview with Bert Rosenblatt and Joe Apfelbaum!

A quotable CEO Mojo Moment:

“The number one thing for me is not feeling like I’m enough … I think that that’s very debilitating in any business and for me … having some victories and having some wins but really mainly by loving myself I’ve been able to throw that manacle off me.”

  • Bert Rosenblatt,

Steve Distante: An Investor in the Future

Steve Distante is the Chief Executive Officer of Vanderbilt Securities, LLC, a registered Broker/Dealer specializing in Financial Planning including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, variable annuities and variable life insurance. Steve talks to us about how to cultivate passion and motivation when you’re not feeling inspired.


Listen to the full interview with Steve Distante and Joe Apfelbaum!

A quotable CEO Mojo Moment:

“My saying is ‘If you’re not living on the edge you’re taking up too much space’…the truth is that’s part of our DNA on an entrepreneurial level. We’re fear junkies.  We’re not excited unless we’re taking risks and doing things…I often find those fears are dismissed when I have clarity.”