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John Lim: Vulnerability Equals Power

John Lim assumes many roles: ambitious entrepreneur, impassioned educator, and visionary innovator in mobile, technology, and consumer engagement. He has successfully launched three companies,including his flagship brand, Life in Mobile, that revolve around one pursuit: finding new ways toempower others. The holder of multiple patents, patents pending, and trademarks, John never ceases to innovate ahead of the curve. His latest platform, linknexus™, will shatter the status quo of post-click experiences, giving companies the ability to create one-on-one experiences on a truly massive scale. All of John’s endeavors were built upon his Human2 Theory of building for the human behind the device, not the device itself. His knowledge and accomplishments have been featured in Mobile Marketing for Dummies, Leveraging Your Links, as well as various industry publications. He has traveled on tour with Google, and continues to speak at events both domestically and internationally, further solidifying his position as a true visionary in mobile consumer engagement.

In this episode, John Lim talks about the importance of vulnerability equalling power.


Listen to the full interview with John Lim and Joe Apfelbaum!

A quotable CEO Mojo Moment:

“Finally, thirty-five years later, that vulnerability equals power. Telling people the truth, or telling people how you feel, or sharing an idea … You’ll see people respect you more, they tell you more, they give you more. And if your idea really is that good, or you’re really that good, then the only person you should fear is yourself.”

  • John Lim,

Maria Emma: Their Experience is Our Experience

Maria Emma is the founder of OnsiteEventMe and the owner of EmbroidMe in NYC. Maria is the winner of the Hall of Fame Award as the most successful franchisee for EmbriodMe.  She owned her first franchise at the age of twenty-one.  She lives in NYC with her husband and, in her free time, is a masterful figure skater.
In this episode, Maria Emma talks about the importance of treating the customer as business partners and listening to your instincts.


Listen to the full interview with Maria Emma and Joe Apfelbaum!

A quotable CEO Mojo Moment:

“I preach to my entire team that these customers are our business partners; they’re our family. Their money is our money. Their experience is our experience and we are experience providers. That’s what my team focuses on and making peoples’ visions a reality. ”

Veeral Lakhani: Understanding Failure

Veeral Lakhani is the Chief Executive Officer for Reliable.  He currently also serves as the Director of Ledger Solutions Pvt. Ltd, and Independent Director of NGSolar Ltd.  While attending the prestigious Stern School of Business, Veeral began working full time for a children’s internet and media company: MaMaMedia, which continues to exist today long after the dot com boom.

After completing college, Veeral co-founded Sunivera Communications; one of the first International call centers providing services from India to US based clients.  He enabled a joint-venture with the Dalmia Group (a $1 billion company) and grew the company to great heights.  After his exit from this company, Veeral joined back to his roots and became an instrumental part of Reliable Group’s international growth.

Veeral quickly became the chief impetus for Reliable’s upward mobility in the several industries Reliable serves.  His knowledge of business development, management, and vision for looking outside the box and keeping laser sharp focus on task at hand has allowed Reliable to experience the growth spurt that it enjoys today.

Veeral co-founded numerous non-profit organizations, he has coordinated the funding of 3 primary schools and 1 specialty school (hearing impaired) in India.  He leads the operations of Ledger Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Raisol Developers Pvt. Ltd. as well as other companies.  His vast knowledge on business development, operations, and management makes Veeral versatile and critical to the growth of Reliable Group. 

Veeral P. Lakhani is a graduate from Stern School of Business at New York University with a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Marketing with a minor in Economics.

Veeral is married with 3 children and lives in Jericho, NY.

In this episode, Veeral Lakhani talks about the importance of understanding failure.



Listen to the full interview with Veeral Lakhani and Joe Apfelbaum!

A quotable CEO Mojo Moment:

“There’s been a litany of failures that have sort of led us to where we are today. There’s too many to list, unfortunately, right? It’s just the one that didn’t fail.”

  • Veeral Lakhani,