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Morris Tabush: Stay Focused

Morris grew up passionate about technology and helping others, ever since his parents bought their first family computer (an Apple //c) when he was 7 years old. Throughout high school and college, he enjoyed helping friends and neighbors learn how to use their computers. While in college, he decided to turn his passion into a business, founding Tabush Group from his dorm room in 2000, eventually growing it into the successful company it is today, headquartered in midtown Manhattan.

As president, Morris oversees all aspects of the firm’s business and clients. He ensures the Tabush team focuses on delivering outstanding service to clients, allowing organizations to focus on their business, not their IT.

As a life-learner and avid student of business and information technology, Morris focuses on research & development, constant improvement, and client relations. Over the last 15 years, he’s been involved in over $50 million of IT network and software implementations, as well as small to large-scale projects, including office relocations. He’s been responsible for building and overhauling hundreds of corporate networks and led the design and implementation of an award-winning private cloud infrastructure.

Most recently, Morris led Tabush in the development of Boxtop™, a new all-in-one cloud solution that delivers all of a company’s IT needs as a simple, secure, and scalable service, with virtual desktops accessible securely from anywhere, at any time, on any kind of device, with a fully managed cloud infrastructure network, storage, backups, security, and unlimited support.

In addition to building networks and data centers, Morris has played a key role in the development of cloud-based software products, as co-founder/advisor of Bill4Time, a leading time-billing software for professional service firms.

Morris has presented to groups nationwide on topics including IT management, security, and cloud, and has been quoted in the media on both IT and business topics. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems from Yeshiva University.

Aside from work, Morris enjoys staying fit through running and road cycling, and has been a volunteer EMT since 1999, and is also active in several non-profit organizations. He grew up in Monmouth County, New Jersey, and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife and children.

In this episode, Morris Tabush gives us some insight on the importance of staying focused.


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A quotable CEO Mojo Moment:

“A relationship, to me, … is where both sides … share the same goal and the same core values and that both sides know that there will be bumps along the way but we will overcome those bumps together and we will get stronger… ”

Morris Tabush,

Sunny Bonnell: Analyzing Happiness and Success

Described as a true visionary, Sunny Bonnell has the ability to see a brand come alive from the very beginning. Her dynamic role in leading companies through birth and reinvention makes her a force to be reckoned with. Sunnygrew up in the mountains and was a prominent bluegrass player by the time she was eleven. She was a street musician and theatre actor before co-founding Motto in her early twenties. She attended the prestigious Savannah College of Art & Design where she pursued a MFA, earned four art scholarships, all while leading Motto to award-winning recognition. Named GDUSA’s Top 25 People to Watch, a prestigious honor granted to a select few legends like Milton Glaser, George Lois, and Stefan Sagmeister, Sunny has catapulted to the forefront of the branding and leadership conversation.

In this episode, Sunny Bonnell discusses questioning happiness and success.


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A quotable CEO Mojo Moment:

“We realized that our gift was not just to brand clients in a remarkable way…We actually wanted to help companies transform.”

  • Sunny Bonnell,

Jeffrey Maron: The Best

Jeffrey Maron is the CEO of Stone Services Electrostatic.   Stone Services Electrostatic is not only his  company but his passion.  He loves the opportunity to bring new life to an architecturally historic apartment or help with the updating of a professional atmosphere.  Electrostatic spray painting has been Stone Services Electrostatic’s forté since 1938, and Jeffrey Maron proud to say it continues to be a family business.

Jeffrey Maron attended the State University of New York College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry and the school of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill.

Jeff is an active member of EANYC, Painting and Decorating Contractors of America, SUNY Maritime Parents Association, and the South Minneford Yacht Club.

In this episode, Dee Smith discusses how being the best can be your competitive edge


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A quotable CEO Mojo Moment:

“In retail the only ones doing well are the expensive stores.  Nobody buys the cheapest anything anymore. Everybody wants the best ”

  • Jeffrey Maron,