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Laura Webb: Being Genuine


Laura Webb is the President of Webb Insurance Group: an independent insurance agency providing home, auto, general liability, and worker’s comp insurance. Laura is the President of EO in Tampa Bay and is the Board Member, 2nd Vice President, and Fund Development Chair for the Girl Scouts of West Central Florida. She received both her B.S. and M.S. in Special Education at Florida State University.

In this episode Laura discusses how to be candid and sincere.


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A quotable CEO Mojo Moment:

“I think a lot of the time entrepreneurs take for granted our risk tolerance … I’ll start talking about the amount of money that I have to invest … I can see those who (are) across the table from me (are) vividly uncomfortable because it’s not ever a conversation they’ve had with themselves, or even at all.”

  • Laura Webb,

Bob Tassone: Getting Over HeadTrash

Bob is a serial entrepreneur he is currently the co-founder of TAGX Brands, Reman Intl.,, and The Depot. For two decades, his passion has been focused on relieving headaches for the food service industry, with a worldwide focus. Client’s range from businesses on “Main Street” to global firms traded on “Wall Street”. Other successful ventures include Consulting, Real Estate, Insurance and Tourism.

For the past five years Bob has held various leadership roles in EO: Finance Chair, President, two terms as Area Director, and currently the Regional Director for US- East.

Bob is a native of the Upstate NY and he is married to his wife Samantha and has a son Nicholas (13).

In this episode, Bob Tassone talks about getting over headtrash.


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A quotable CEO Mojo Moment:

“I made a total screw-up that cost the company over a million dollars … ‘I think it’s time I gotta exit; I’m not right for this company anymore.’ He started laughing … and said ‘I just paid for the most expensive education I’ve ever paid for. Go fix the problem!’”

  • Bob Tassone,


John Bly: Pushing Past “Good Enough”

John Bly is a powerful international business consulting speaker. His in the trenches entrepreneurial experience, coupled with his global business acumen, make for a compelling presentation.

Fusing real-life examples with practical knowledge and exciting ideas, John’s dynamic presentations provide thought-provoking insights and practical ideas filtered through his significant international business consulting experience.

“Cracking The Code To M&A Growth” serves as a guide to effectively find good deals for entrepreneurial businesses in the $1 to $30 million range. John provides a blueprint for how to tackle such issues as: determining whether the deal is a good fit, due diligence, structuring the deal, tax issues, and how to land the perfect catch.

John will show you ways to find potential spots for rapid growth and accomplish, on a smaller level, what the larger companies do. By breaking down the M&A process into approachable elements, you will find that your entire outlook on the topic will be transformed!

In this episode John talks about pushing past “good enough”.



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A quotable CEO Mojo Moment:

“It put me on a path that helped me build leadership skills that I wouldn’t have built had I not failed…I would have thought that it was good enough…”

  • John Bly,

Allan Rooney: Why Am I Doing This?

Allan Rooney is a graduate of the Edinburgh University Law School in Scotland, where he graduated with honors. He also studied at the University of Texas Law School in Austin through a merit-based scholarship awarded by the University of Texas in conjunction with the University of Edinburgh.

Upon relocating to New York, Allan worked as a commodities trader before beginning his legal career at Deloitte & Touche LLP. At Deloitte, his practice concentrated on international tax and compensation issues and securities-related matters, advising several Fortune 50 companies. He later worked at a boutique, commercial litigation and corporate firm representing corporate clients. With the backing of his clients, Allan founded Rooney Nimmo in 2007 and attributes its growth to its commitment to providing the highest possible level of client service coupled with sophisticated business-focused legal advice.

Allan is admitted as an attorney in New York.

In this episode, Allan talks about his experience as an entrepreneur.


Listen to the full interview with Allan Rooney and Joe Apfelbaum!

A quotable CEO Mojo Moment:

“There were some dark moments in that project … There was a time that I just remember being like, ‘What am I doing? Why don’t I just stick to my day job? Why am I doing this stupid real estate project in the first place?’ I can’t help myself!”

  • Allan Rooney,