Bob Tassone: Getting Over HeadTrash

Bob is a serial entrepreneur he is currently the co-founder of TAGX Brands, Reman Intl.,, and The Depot. For two decades, his passion has been focused on relieving headaches for the food service industry, with a worldwide focus. Client’s range from businesses on “Main Street” to global firms traded on “Wall Street”. Other successful ventures include Consulting, Real Estate, Insurance and Tourism.

For the past five years Bob has held various leadership roles in EO: Finance Chair, President, two terms as Area Director, and currently the Regional Director for US- East.

Bob is a native of the Upstate NY and he is married to his wife Samantha and has a son Nicholas (13).

In this episode, Bob Tassone talks about getting over headtrash.


Listen to the full interview with Bob Tassone and Joe Apfelbaum!

A quotable CEO Mojo Moment:

“I made a total screw-up that cost the company over a million dollars … ‘I think it’s time I gotta exit; I’m not right for this company anymore.’ He started laughing … and said ‘I just paid for the most expensive education I’ve ever paid for. Go fix the problem!’”

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