John Bly: Pushing Past “Good Enough”

John Bly is a powerful international business consulting speaker. His in the trenches entrepreneurial experience, coupled with his global business acumen, make for a compelling presentation.

Fusing real-life examples with practical knowledge and exciting ideas, John’s dynamic presentations provide thought-provoking insights and practical ideas filtered through his significant international business consulting experience.

“Cracking The Code To M&A Growth” serves as a guide to effectively find good deals for entrepreneurial businesses in the $1 to $30 million range. John provides a blueprint for how to tackle such issues as: determining whether the deal is a good fit, due diligence, structuring the deal, tax issues, and how to land the perfect catch.

John will show you ways to find potential spots for rapid growth and accomplish, on a smaller level, what the larger companies do. By breaking down the M&A process into approachable elements, you will find that your entire outlook on the topic will be transformed!

In this episode John talks about pushing past “good enough”.



Listen to the full interview with John Bly and Joe Apfelbaum!

A quotable CEO Mojo Moment:

“It put me on a path that helped me build leadership skills that I wouldn’t have built had I not failed…I would have thought that it was good enough…”

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